Why Are You Here?

I Want To Know More About This Site

This site is part of a newsletter software. It serves as a subscription/unsubscription page, and is linked from the newsletters sent via the software.

The primary target audience for the software is Finnish companies, or companies operating in Finland, Scandinavia, or in Russia. The companies manage their address databases themselves, the software handles such things as bouncing email addresses for them.

The application is sold using the ASP/SaaS model, thus enabling our clients to buy newsletter management software from us without investing on hardware.

I am Receiving Email With Links To This Site

If you don't want to receive the emails any longer, click on the unsubscribe link at the bottom of the mail you received. You'll get a choice of updating your details, or unsubscribing from the mailing lists of the sender.

If you think you have done so, and are still receiving email, the first thing to do is to contact the sender. You can do so sending a reply to the newsletter, using the "From" address as the recipient address. All our clients are respectable businesses operating in Finland or worldwide, and they have no reason not to listen to their customers.

As a last resort, you can send mail to our administrators. Read these instructions before you send email to our abuse address.

Koodiviidakko Oy, Business ID: FI19399621, Oulu, Finland